Our commitment – to the environment

Why H Jarvis windows make a difference:

  • whole life-cycle thinking
  • resource-efficient manufacture
  • PVC profile made in the UK
  • completely free of lead stabilisers
  • long service life, low maintenance needs
  • extremely good energy efficiency in-use
  • easily collected and recycled

End of use PVC profile sections being recycled: H Jarvis is committed to waste minimisation by recycling process waste and post-use window and door frames which are removed during refurbishment contracts.

The materials and component we use to create our new buildings and refurbish existing ones are coming under the spotlight more than ever before as we strive towards a highly sustainable society.

The battle against climate change is constant and buildings are a major CO2 contributor. To ensure our buildings are energy efficient in the long term and created using materials that have not cost the earth to produce, product selection and specification must take into account the whole life cycle and consider post-use disposal.

Unlike other materials used in window frames, PVC performs extremely well in terms of sustainability. PVC is extremely resource-efficient in its manufacture and in the case ofSheerframe, creates windows that offer excellent thermal performance over a long lifetime. In addition, when PVC frames are eventually replaced, they can be easily collected andrecycled compared with other materials.

H Jarvis is an accredited Member to the energy saving endorsement scheme as a manufacturer of energy saving windows.